Assembled at the holiest site of Buddhist pilgrimage and the Fountain of World Peace-the Sacred Garden of Lumbini, the Birthplace of Lord Buddha-we the delegates at the Second World Buddhist Summit, representing the global community of Buddhists, friends of Buddhism, admirers of the Lord Buddha and his teachings and the peace loving people of all faiths, express our gratitude to His Majesty King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev for his kindness in inaugurating the Summit and to Her Majesty Queen Komal Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah for her gracious presence at Lumbini.

1. We do hereby solemnly recognize the Holy Shrine of Lumbini as a source of eternal inspiration for the peace loving people of the world to promote world peace.
2. We express our grateful thanks to His Majesty’s Government of Nepal for:

Implementing the decisions of the First World Buddhist Summit held in 1998 (especially the completion of the Mayadevi Temple, the construction of the pond and other developments according to the Lumbini Master Plan).
Enacting the law to establish the International Buddhist University at Lumbini.
Further continuing the archaeological excavations at the Sacred Garden.
Granting permission to operate international flights from the Gautam Buddha Airport, Siddharthanagar, to the neighboring cities of India.
Continuously observing the Baishak Purnima (Full moon day of May) as Lumbini Day.

3. We express appreciation to His Majesty’s Government of Nepal for agreeing to take action to expeditiously complete the implementation of the Master Plan and the development of the surrounding areas. In this connection it is requested that the government make clear commitments with time-bound action plans, including:
Declaring the Sacred Garden of Lumbini as a Five Precept Zone.
Incorporating peace education in the curriculum of educational institutions at all levels and forms.

4. The First World Buddhist Summit recommended making Lumbini the Fountain of World Peace following which the UN commissioned the exploration of the vision of the World Peace City of Lumbini as a living centre of learning and teaching for all to live together inspired by peace, harmony, non-violence and coexistence. Taking into consideration the theme paper presented to the Summit, we earnestly propose to His Majesty’s Government of Nepal to translate into action this unique and right vision to create a World Peace City of Lumbini around the Sacred Area. It is envisioned to be a radiating centre of a world peace civilization with a rural-urban fabric resulting in a metacity exemplifying the Lord Buddha’s teachings.
5. We extend support to His Majesty’s Government of Nepal for its untiring efforts in developing Lumbini and propose that His Majesty’s Government of Nepal will:
Promote and develop other holy sites namely Kapilvastu, Devdaha and Ramgram evenly by taking immediate steps to undertake research, archaeological excavation and conservation for developing the sites to attract international and domestic visitors.
Take appropriate and immediate actions for the extension of the Gautam Buddha Airport into an international airport.
Continue to enlist the fullest cooperation of all national and international bodies for the development of Lumbini and other holy sites.
Ensure full national commitment and encourage and enhance communities in the promotion and development of Lumbini and the surrounding areas with special emphasis on the environment.
In the light of increasing responsibilities, undertake necessary actions to constantly review the adequacy of implementation capacity whose enhancement is essential for fulfilling the government commitments.
Take immediate appropriate actions for the implementation of Resolutions of the UN and other regional organizations which remain unimplemented, and the revitalization of the UN International Committee for the Development of Lumbini and the UN International Advisory Committee.
Make necessary arrangements so that decisions of this Summit are gazettes, as appropriate, and implemented accordingly.

6. We reaffirm and resolve to be partners in all promotional activities aiming at the implementation of this Declaration and hope and aspire that the collaboration between the leadership of peace lovers and His Majesty’s Government of Nepal will continue to be further strengthened and widened.

7. We, therefore, fervently wish that future Summits be organized in Lumbini every four years.

8. We acknowledge the leadership of the Rt. Hon’ble Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and contributions of Hon’ble Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Deep Kumar Upadhyaya, Most Venerables, Scholars, distinguished delegates, government officials, members and staff of the Lumbini Development Trust and the Summit Secretariat, and the hospitable people of Nepal who have helped to make this Summit a grand success.

9. We express our thanks Dr Young Hoon Kwaak who led the UNDP’s vision and scoping mission of the World Peace City of Lumbini study. We also thank Venerable Dr. Sugandha Mahasthavir and Karna Shakya for the presentation of the theme papers at the Summit. Likewise we appreciate the third theme paper prepared by Sunao Miyabara.

10. Finally, we respectfully urge that all efforts be made to resolve the existing situation in Nepal in the spirit of the Buddhist peace vision involving all the parties in conflict.

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